Sunday, 24 May 2009

This weeks update.......

On Tuesday it was time for Usko to have jab number two, which he took on with the bravery of a soldier and didn't even make a sound. He was slightly more sedated by the whole ordeal though this time and enjoyed a good sleep after.
There have been several thefts this week one of which left Vicky horrified as she found Usko running around the garden with her dirty knickers. he he he
Next was the sky remote and lots of shoes and slippers but the funniest being his new penchant for sweeping the garden with the kitchen broom.....
Usko has been having some nice walks in the mornings with Vicky and Connor on the way to school, then when I get home from work after I have had a coffee Usko and I go for a nice walk. There is one noticeable benefit from the walks and that is that he is much calmer at home. We can tell instantly now if he is getting bored and wants to go for a walk as his behaviour gradually gets worse and worse.
Talking of walks and being calm Usko is currently sleeping in his crate as he has been for the past 1 1/2 hours, I think that this is due to the loooong afternoon that we have had.
We have been to Kearsney Abbey today which is about 40min drive from home with a great little wood for a short walk, large greens to play on and 2 lakes with streams to paddle in.
We had a very nice picnic which included Usko having his dry food with a special bit of added tuna and spring water for flavour.
After this we went for a nice stroll through the woods and round to the first lake where Usko delighted in having a paddle in the stream, with Connor joining in too.
Video to follow when I can get it to upload!!!

On our travels we met lots of dogs and new people friends too. As always all the people were totally besotted by the unusual dog, " is he an Alsatian?" or " is he a Husky"....... I know that we all have to endure these questions but the best part is the response and vacant look that you get when you tell people what he actually is!!!

As for the dogs that we met along our route we are still to work out which is the best way to greet them, and Usko doesn't seem to realise that its not a good idea to pick on dogs that could quite clearly eat him for breakfast........There was no major confrontation but that was just down to tolerance of the small barking Usko!!!

What an awesome day we had and it shows us even more than we already knew that owning a Lappy is just an amazing experience that makes our lives better in so many ways. ( Thank you Toni.)

The other milestone that Usko has passed this week is being able to get up onto the sofa as you may have seen on facebook, now we seem to spend allot of time putting him back on the floor and saying NO. But we will get there in the end.

There has been a few times this week that the bowl in our crate was used to turn the crate into a swimming pool, this twinned with the dip that we took in the stream today has made Usko start to smell rather musty so this evening we had our very first bath! It was a rather fun filled experience but ended very well and could well have added to his tiredness tonight.

That's all I can think of for this week but there will be plenty more to come and sometimes with less of a gap between posts :)

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